Amelie Tea Peeking

Starting. ... Slowly.

I would like to pass on the following information and I need you all to pay very strict, very very strict, attention. -ahem-


Things also to note:
  • Drinking with Scottish people leads to tequila, which we have already covered as a no good horrible very bad thing.

  • Weekends away are lovely and amazing and make one's neck stop spasming. How delightful.

  • Weekends away also lead to piles and piles of laundry, which I would also classify as no good horrible very bad things, but I'm feeling a little bit lazy and may just put the whole thing off till tomorrow.

  • Weekends away often include the meeting of friends at places of NOM, in which there may have been crab, Proseco, whiskey sours, and um... other things that were also NOM. Fried artichoke anyone?

  • Sadly, the place of NOM did not have the fried olives anymore. I think I emo-teared a little.

  • I'm attempting a 365 day photo thing. I may fail miserably, but we'll see how it goes.
So yessssh. Yesh. Updations, as my friend from India calls them, will hopefully happen with more regularity, now that I have chosen to abstain from the evils of Facebook games (also known as no good horrible very bad things - wow, there seems to be a lot of those). I do like them, but... I am kinda in the mood for something with substance. Something with a little more flavor, a little more bite. Content, perhaps. Something.

Also, I really need to work on my drinking strategy when hanging out with the Scott again. I think I would prefer if it included a "NO TEQUILA" proviso, but the PiCT went there with that as his strategy ... and still had four shots.

We're doomed. But at least they make Advil in the big bottles.
dr. horrible

Plans and plotting

So I've made some resolutions and I'm in the midst of making plans. It's all very hush hush cloak and dagger shit, so you can carry on and not mind me.


But when it happens? You'll know.
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My First Thanksgiving

Technically, of course, this would not be my first Thanksgiving. Being 32, I think I've been to 32 Thanksgivings, some more memorable than others. But this year? This year it was MY Thanksgiving. I cooked everything. And it was good.
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I love it when a plan comes together.
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Creepy Girl

Post, the Tenth, in which there are demons

Picking lemons is pretty much an awesome thing. Usually done during daylight hours, really. But when one has things to cook and needs a lemon, and it happens to be pitch black outside, you do what you gotta do.

Whilst hunting for ripe lemons to use in the fish dish I was cooking up, a demon, a MONSTER loomed out of the darkness at me. No seriously, it was lurking in the darkness and when my flashlight hit it, OMG it was MONSTOR and GAH!!

I got the heebie-jeebies from a lemon. FROM A LEMON. Here, I'll show you why:
The Lemon Incident
DOOD AND OMG!! WTF is wrong with this lemon??!!!

In the end, I found a lemon that was not possessed by the spawn of the devil himself, but I decided that to save the souls of the other lemons on the tree, I would slay the beast and drag his carcass back inside. To show off, naturally.

It had to have a face, of course:
The Lemon Incident

But once it had a face? It was really all over.

First it enslaved the Sprout to do its evil bidding:
The Lemon Incident

Then it hatched a nefarious plot and, using it's evil, had the Sprout attack the Tall One:
The Lemon Incident

The Tall One must of been the demon lemon's kind of evil, however, because they became friends. Friends that try to eat the other friend, but whatever:
The Lemon Incident

And now the thing sits glowering in the kitchen, malevolent and evil, drying out and kinda still giving me the heebie-jeebies. The end.
dr. horrible

Post, the Sixth, in which I can't remember a thing

Friday was a blur. I got more work done, thank everything with shiney fuzzy everything powers. Then there was tired, a debate about health care, more working, more tired, a drive with traffic, some dinner, story time, and then a complete passout because if you haven't noticed, this week has sucked monkey balls.

I wanted to do a Friday Chicken, a la Havi, but whilst thinking about it and what was hard and what was good, I... fell asleep.

So that's good, I think.

Things to post next week:
  • more pictures (those are fun, aren't they?)
  • a Wordless Wednesday
  • a Friday Chicken
  • some more about the spiritual things I have been doing, because like a chicken butt, I am not posting them. But I should. I should indeed.
  • perhaps a long winded rant about work, but those can get tedious. Perhaps I will make it funny. That's the ticket!
All sorts of body parts are spasming right now, so I'm going to take a shower.
Amelie Tea Peeking

Post, the Fourth, in which I have something of a melt down

Work is hard lately. Like. Really hard.

The PiCT came home and asked how my day had been. I answered. And cried. It was not that great. I could go on and on about what is making mental about work, but perhaps vent out some of the shite, but... it serves no purpose other than a momentary relief.

No. I need an actual solution to the problems I am having, but I haven't figured it all out yet. I'm not ok with not having figured it all out, but I've got a couple things figured, so I may as well get them down. The things I've figured out about what I NEED in an employment opportunity:
  • Somewhere close to home. The hour+ commute is hurting me, physically. I physically don't work as well as I once did, and being in the car for that long, as well as stuck at a desk for 8+ hours a day is making me... hurt.
  • A smaller company. I work for a massive company right now, with hoops upon hoops of firey hoops that need to be jumped through to get anything done. It's maddening, especially when the cliche that the bean counters are the rules of business become true. So I want smaller. I want a company that loves what it's doing, has found its niche, has market share and is being successful, and is telling every other company that wants to buy it? TO FUCK OFF. ... I want small and somewhere I can make a difference. I am currently just a cog in a large machine that wouldn't notice one bit if this cog was replaced with another cog.
  • A company that likes its employees and doesn't actively work to screw them over. I know. That's a pipe dream pretty much everywhere, but... I need to feel like I matter, at least a little, where I work. Like I'm there because I can offer a worthwhile service that is recognized and compensated well.
  • A company made of younger people who I can LEARN something from!
That's it so far. I have no idea if this company exists, but dammit. It would super swell if it did. It would feel super swell not to be completely burnt and hateful at the end of every day. It would.

Also, I made socks, and pictures, happen. Next week will be more of a wordless Wednesday type thing. Today just sucked and I needed something else to happen. Ok, sock time:
Socks - Nanner
Socks - Nanner
Socks - Nanner